Blackjack and video poker big part of casino gambling

Not all gambling in a casino is smart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with these games. You may even win some money.
Blackjack and video poker make up a lot of the gambling done at casinos but these games take some skill to master. Even though basic strategy will help your performance it’s not so easy to play perfectly and that can be frustrating. Don’t worry, there is still fun to be had at the casino by playing other games that take less skill.
The most fun machines in the casino are the penny slots. The bright lights and loud noises easily attract many players. Most of the slot machines being made today are in the penny denomination. A penny only gets you started with the game.
If you want to see the fun bonus round in most penny slot machines you’re going to have to play multiple lines, which will cost 50 cents or more. That’s not so bad, but what is bad is penny slots are the worst paying slot machines in the casino.
Depending on the casino you’ll see penny slot machines that return only 87% to 92%. The higher the denomination of the slot machine the better the return. Unfortunately, the higher the denomination of the slot machine the less fun the game will be.
For example, “The Hangover” slot machine is made specifically for the penny players. Dollar slot players will have to be satisfied playing more traditional reel slot machines.
If you’re looking for a relaxing and fun table game on the casino floor there are a few variations of poker available. These games take little skill but with a little smarts you can lower the house edge with some basic strategy. 3 Card Poker is becoming one of the most popular less-skilled games at the casino. You may have noticed the number of 3 Card Poker tables increasing on the gaming floor with each visit to the casino.
3 Card Poker is popular with gamblers because it’s easy to play and it’s popular with the casinos because the house edge is anywhere from just over 2% to just over 7% depending on the bets placed.
3 Card Poker has a few different bets that you must make to be included in the action. An ante bet and a pair plus get you started in the game. If you like the cards you’re dealt you can continue the hand by adding a “play” bet.
With limited strategy you can lower the house edge on one of the most fun table games in the casino. Optimal strategy in ante and play is to raise if you are dealt a hand with at least a queen, 6 and 4. Overall you stand to lose 8.66% of the ante but win 5.29% on the raise over time.
Because 3 Card Poker is such a simple game to play, it’s also easy to play with the optimal strategy. Other fun table games that have a larger house edge, like Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, have simple strategy that will allow you shave a little bit off the house edge so you can have fun and play smart.

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