Biggest Jackpot In History Hit At Online Casino

Biggest Jackpot In History

Mobile gaming has only been around for a little more than a decade, but in that time several large jackpots have been hit. The biggest of those jackpots came on Sunday at PartyCasino, where a 50 year-old man won a 1.4 million top prize.
Biggest Jackpot In History
The man was playing the Melon Madness game when he hit ‘The Big One’ jackpot. It was an experience of a lifetime for the slot player, and one that the casino was happy to see occur.

«We are delighted one of our players has hit such an amazing jackpot,» said Golan Shaked, director of games for PartyCasino. «and broken the world record for a slots jackpot won on a mobile phone.»

PartyCasino is part of the network of online slot casinos. The jackpot hit Sunday surpassed the previous record of 866,000. The previous record was held only for a month before it was broken this past weekend.

«We are focusing a huge amount of time and energy on building the best mobile casino available,» said Shaked. «and it is great to see our players enjoying, and winning, on our games.»

Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular as individual countries start to regulate the industry. The largest online gaming market in the world is considered to be the US, and several states have authorized online casinos in recent months.

The UK has long been the leader in mobile gaming, and many companies based in the UK have started to partner with US gaming companies with the hope of breaking into the US market in the future.
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