Best thing about G2E? What is on the way to play

Every year the casino and gaming industry travels to Las Vegas for their annual conference called the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).
The conference brings together casinos from around the country with the manufacturers of the games and amenities that fill the resorts we all enjoy.
Discussing the inner workings of the casino business may be interesting to some but, business talk aside, the most interesting parts of G2E are what’s coming in the near future. Vendors include anything from the manufacturer that provides the kiosk for football contests to new games we’ll see in the casino.
Slot machines are the most prominent item found at G2E. Since slots take up more space on the casino floor than any other game it makes sense they occupy much of the Expo area. The trend of building movies and television show themes into slot machines has been growing over the past few years but this idea may have reached its apex.
The bulk of the slot machines on display were based on mainstream entertainment themes. While most of these themed games were new, there are also versions of some of the most popular slots. Here are many of the new slot machine themes we can look forward to seeing on the casino floor in 2013:
Movies: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory,
Spider Man,
The Godfather,
Wizard of Oz (multiple new versions),
Star Wars (new version),
Lord of the Rings 3 – Return of the King,
Top Gun 2.
TV shows: Pawn Stars, Family Guy, Cheers, CSI: Video Slots, Judge Judy, Betty Boop (new version), Sex in the City (new version).
Musicians: Michael Jackson, Beach Boys, KISS, Dolly Parton.
Other games/sports: Zuma, NASCAR, Bejeweled, Wheel of Fortune (new versions), Monopoly (new versions), Yahtzee (new version).
Don’t worry if you’re looking for a slot machine that’s a little different. There were hundreds more new ones introduced with their own original themes such as Kung Fu Pig and Franken Mama.
These new slot machines may be the most fun games in the casino, but they will also offer the worst odds of any in the casino. These theme slots are more geared toward being fun video games than ones of chance that will provide a positive value for your bankroll.
As a general rule, the higher the denomination the slot machine you play the better the payout. A $5 slot machine will return a better percentage than a $1, which returns more than a quarter machine and so on. For example, a $5 slot machine will return approximately 96% over time, while a 5-cent slot only about 89%.
Most state gaming regulation agencies have payback percentages available.
It’s important to remember the bright lights, loud noises and familiar themes will rarely offer good returns. Gambling is fun and so is winning money, but the two don’t always go together on the slot floor. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play games for fun, but knowing the expected results should keep you in a positive frame of mind to let the good times roll.

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