Bad Beat Jackpot unfolds at Dover Downs Casino

The Crown Royal Poker Room at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino had a hit on the Bad Beat Jackpot on Feb. 2 on a Texas Hold‘em table. The jackpot netted $110,763.48, and was divided incrementally among the ten players at the table.
The hand started with a man from Portsmouth, Va., being dealt pocket kings and a man from Chesapeake Va., being dealt pocket aces – the classic Texas Hold’em battle. The odds of being dealt pocket aces are 222 to 1. The odds of being dealt pocket kings are also 222 to 1. The chance of it happening in the same hand is much higher.
The flop came ace, king, king. The qualifying hands to satisfy the bad beat jackpot had been met on the flop. Pocket aces were going to win $55,381.73 and pocket kings were going to win $27,690.87. The dealer put out the turn card and the river. The river card was the only remaining ace. It changed the best hand to the second best hand. Now one hand has four kings and the other has four aces. The hand that had $55,381.73 was then worth $27,690.87, and the hand that was worth $27,690.87 was then worth $55,381.73.
That was truly a bad beat.
The remaining eight players on the table each received a payout of $3,461.36, representing the final twenty-five percent of the jackpot.
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino has paid out more than $857,000 in bad beat jackpots since opening in Summer 2010.

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