Australian Government to Ban Online Gambling?

We have recently witnessed one of the most bizarre, ludicrous laws to be seen by the Australian public. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been compiling a list a list in an attempt to find illegal material and ban the sites via an ISP ban. The original plan was to stop child porn and other related malicious material.
How does this affect the online gambling industry? Well to start with it has been reported that the ACMA has gone out of their jurisdiction in terms of the list. Industry sources like released what they believe to be the ACMA blacklist. On this list were several online poker sites and gambling sites.
This news comes at the cost of the liberties of Australians. For a supposedly democratic country, we are being treated like just the opposite. The Australian Government is taking away our rights to spend our money as we please. Many of us believe that this is just another attempt for a tax grab. It is plain and obvious to everyone that the Australian Labor Party is struggling with all of their recent spending. It is also obvious that they cannot tax online gambling. If they can stop this from happening then more punters will bet at live venues where the Govt will take their cut.
The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) 2001, is the law that is in question. Until now the rules have been relatively relaxed and have not been enforced. If recent reports are proven to be correct, then this will be enforced. This law is similar to the UIGEA in America, in that it is seeking to stop online gambling as an attempt to raise revenue.
This news highlights the importance for our industry to be regulated, not outlawed. If it was regulated the Australian Govt would be reaping the rewards from online gambling activity through taxes imposed.
We must point out to everyone, that at this point online gambling in Asutralia is NOT illegal. These bans have not been put in place yet. You as an Australian gambler are not at risk in any way. It is the online gambling sites and operators that are at risk.
The team here at Australian Gambling will keep everyone up to date with the latest developments in this controversy.

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