Atlantic City Casino Resort Finds Novel Way to Woo Back Punters

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort’s rousing new methods could catch on
Brick and Mortar casinos across most of the globe are gradually losing money, with most turning to online and mobile casinos to break their cash crisis, but one Atlantic City casino may have a new, less is more, approach to bringing back the punters.

It’s the dream of men across the world too: strip clubs.

Yes, that’s right, Atlantic City is about to see the first strip club within a casino in it’s 35 year legal gambling history. Forget mobile slots, that casino is where you’re going to want to be!

Sure, other clubs have burlesque shows and there are four other strip clubs in Atlantic City, but the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort will be the first and only casino hotel to lay claim to its very own strip joint.

Famous New York strip club Scores will be the one in presence, and their Managing Partner Bob Gans feels it’s an entirely natural progression for Atlantic City: “We feel this is the third leg of the Atlantic City triangle: gambling, alcohol and adult entertainment.”

While there won’t be dancers on the blackjack table – that would be very bad casino table manners after all – this is a change that is likely to inflame more than just arguments. Yet it surely is a new and exciting way for a casino to woo patrons back from the safety of their own home. Who knows, if it works we could see strip clubs opening up in casinos the world over.

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