Sex is the production of a huge amount of endorphins, it raises the emotional tone, leads to psychological and physical satisfaction. During intimacy, a huge number of body processes are stimulated, sex has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune and endocrine systems, the central nervous system. Regular sex is a decisive factor in the prevention of chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men, because this is the best way to deal with congestion in the prostate gland. As for women, sex is also a good prevention of diseases, for example, endometriosis and uterine fibroids, here too, congestion in the pelvis is eliminated. Anxiety, stress and depression decrease, the level of trust in a partner increases, sex trains the heart and blood vessels. You can find the best photo.

He noted that the regularity with which each person needs to have sex is determined by age and sexual constitution. There are people with a strong, medium and weak sexual constitution, so the need for sex is different. Those with a high level need to have intercourse 5-6 times a week, people with an average sexual constitution need about three sexual acts a week, and those with a low need for sex need only once. The doctor also stressed that much depends on age. For example, the younger a man is, the more actively testosterone hormones are produced, libido is at a higher level, so at 20-29 years old, sex once a day or every other day is the norm. With age, libido decreases, and if a man is already 50-59 years old, then one or two sexual contacts per week are enough.

“If a woman does not get discharged during intimacy once or twice, then nothing terrible will happen, but if this happens constantly, then this situation is not very good for health. During sex, natural blood filling of the genital organs occurs, and in order to remove this excess blood filling, discharge is necessary, and if it is not there, then there is a risk of formation of congestion, hence varicose veins and uterine fibroids. Sexual intercourse should end with an orgasm for both men and women. Everyone needs to pay attention to regularity and, if there is no permanent partner, engage in self-gratification in order to maintain their needs and desires at an acceptable level.

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